Specialist in fragile, sensitive & regulated products


24 hours delivery


We provide express shipping with same day delivery. Working with multiple couriers, we can ensure the choice of best prices and adjust for different delivery periods.

We ship by Ground, Air and with Cross-Border Trade Direct networks.

Highly trained staff

We are very proud of our exceptional low staff turnover. All are employees have years of experience in handling a vast majority of different products and adjusting to their individual care requirements. We make it a prioirty to train our staff in safety, regulations and customer service.

Need constant updates & changes?

For our executive accounts, we work with you in training an in-house warehouse account manager. They get to know your products from top-to-bottom in order facilitate the constant demands of a complex network.


Custom contracts and service

We know that every company has different needs and priorities .That's why we take our time to get to know our customers and fully integrate them in our contract profiling.

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